Hi, I'm Jenifer

I’m best known for helping people expand their network, connect to their purpose, and increase their earnings. By implementing a self care practice, removing limiting beliefs, and connecting to your life purpose expansion becomes possible. I know that with the connection and awareness of your life purpose, you can begin to transform all areas of your life including your job, finances, well-being, and your relationships.

Eat Pray F* You

The road to happiness is not always filled with peace, love, green juice, and yoga. While transformation is powerful and liberating, let’s be honest – some days it’s dark, raw, vulnerable, confronting and messy. Some days we just want to hide under our covers, eat the cheeseburger, skip the workout, and drink the wine. The key is that we continue to pick ourselves back up when we fall collectively. It’s all apart of the process and as we continue to do the work and show up, we are able to move through the darkness more fluidly. It’s so necessary to connect to our humanity in the Eat Pray F*** you moments.





To live the life you want, you need to figure out how to get there, and my free Life Mapping manual can help.
“Jen helped me through a pivotal time in my life. She has a gentile yet powerful way of guiding our own tuition and bringing to the surface what needs attention in our lives, showing us that we must first take care of ourselves in order to take care of others. She has a true and genuine passion for helping people reach their highest potential. Jen is a light that illuminates the path in the journey back to our own hearts.” – GL
“A passionate coach, Jenifer is committed to finding results with her clients. She knows how to change her approach to fit various situations and is good at receiving and responding to feedback. She also goes the extra mile by making connections and referrals. I felt like I was in a rapid-growth wind tunnel while I was working with her. I recommend her coaching for dealing with blocks in areas of creativity, relationships, and finances. I experienced a total breakthrough in finances after working with her, making more in the last 6
months than several years combined.” – KM

Ready to change your life?

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