About Me

I’m a professional matchmaker who specializes in the personal and professional evolution of human beings.  Making strategic and powerful connections for people and building strong relationships is what I do.
I’m an avid advocate for mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, and physical well being. I believe we need to fully embrace our emotions and know that it’s okay to fully feel all of them in order to have the breakthroughs that lead us to our most sublime state of living.  I’m nuts about giving a voice to the less palatable side of self-help and I encourage those I work with to create space for all of the emotions because the act of stuffing them is what has us out of harmony in life.
I currently live on the Central Coast in San Luis Obispo, CA with my husband, our two human children and two dog children. When we’re not being homebodies, we’re outdoors camping in the woods or out in the ocean spending time together.  Balance is one of my favorite words and by balance I mean, enjoy the rum and salt and vinegar chips but get your ass moving and eat your greens.  It was traveling the world from a young age that I learned best from the Italian’s about living a pleasurable life.