F* Being Broke

Earn more money NOW and say F* to being broke with the MONEY MAGIC DIGITAL COURSE

 Overcome Under-earning

Your power is far greater than you realize. Together we’re tapping into creating f*ing Magic and Miracles!  You have a wealth of resources, we’re diving deep to grab them.

 Create A Clear Plan

Intention, clarity, and focus is key.  Having A Plan and focus will ensure your success.  You’ll be guided through the whole way.

 Join The Community

Surrounding yourself with highly activated people will ensure your success.  You’ll meet your Money Magic community members in our private Facebook group where you’ll be supported and have extra added accountability.

Mindset is Everything It’s the foundation for creating a harmonious relationship with money. In this course, you’ll get the tools you need to reach a higher level of earning, learn how to squash the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in a rut, and you’ll get that gentle nudge to begin dreaming bigger and earning more. You’ll learn how to create a new vision for your income generation and design a clear plan to get you generating abundantly immediately.

Earn more money now! What’s included, the nuts & bolts: 

  • A comprehensive downloadable Money  journal and course workbook
  • A four week guided digital course sent to your inbox upon enrollment
  • Tools and practices to increase your earning potential
  • The reinvention of your relationship with money

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Money Magic is changing lives! Are you                           ready to change yours?

Every week you are invited to join me for EXCLUSIVE Small-Group Coaching where we will go over YOUR specific money goals and how to get over YOUR specific money blocks. AMAZING, RIGHT? 

So what are you waiting for? 

                                               Check out what some of my client’s have had to say:

I experienced a total breakthrough

in finances working with Jen. I made more money in the last 6 months than in the last several years combined. – K. Miller

Jen helped me to have clarity and

intention towards what I wanted the next chapter of my life to be. As I turned the page, it was easy to see the vision that she helped me to see had come to fruition. She can coach you, too, into the lift you want! – Holly L.

It has only been a few weeks since

we met, but Jen has literally transformed my business and my life. She is an amazing and incredibly intuitive coach. So excited to continue working with her through my next launch!  – Kitton H.

I feel so liberated, it’s awesome!

I have gained so much clarity, freedom and energy! Everything I’ve gone through I think has brought me to this point. Thank you, Jen for your coaching. You being awesome helps me be more awesome.  – D.V.

The workshop Jen led had a video

that prompted great conversation around the complicated feelings we can have in our relationships. Jenifer opened and led an honest discussion. She asked questions in a way that were thoughtful and made it safe to open up with my feelings. In the workshop, there were women of various backgrounds and some were complete strangers, however the environment felt so safe it didn’t matter.  – K. Miranda

Jen is absolutely wonderful. She

helped guide me through an uncertain period in my life and helped me recognize the things that are most important to me. Our coaching has come to an end, but Jen left me with the tools I need to prosper. I’m so grateful for the sessions we had and am glad that she’s just a phone call away if I need her in the future.  – C. Griewe

I know this is common sense, some things need to be said just in case. So here’s my Earnings Disclaimer:  No part of my coaching or courses or any of my other content should be interpreted as a promise or guarantee of your future earning potential. Your individual results are dependent on one thing: YOUR work. No course in the world will make you infinite riches unless you do the work, you’ve got to stick with it.