Group coaching with coach and founder, The Sash Bag, Nichole MacDonald

Group Coaching is a powerful way to build your network and collaborate on projects with like minded people.  Join me and Coach Nichole MacDonald, founder of The Sash Bag  as we kick off our group coaching series.  Nichole has been an entrepreneur and pioneer in the world of fashion, building a multi-million dollar business based on the concept that your handbag shouldn’t be holding you back.  The idea of having freedom from her handbag came to Nichole after visiting a theme park with her son, Noah.  Bogged down by her purse, Nichole sparked the idea of The Sash Bag, a hands free bag that was ergonomically designed for comfort and convenience.  Six and a half years after the concept was born, Nichole is now manufacturing globally with a rapidly expanding company.   Nichole brings years of experience in marketing, manufacturing, graphic design, and advertising.