Do you ever wake up and fee like a deer in headlights, stuck and unsure what to do or where to go next?  News flash: we all hove those days.  It is especially important to understand that as you begin connecting to your  purpose and you’re deep in the process of transformation, you’ll undoubtedly stumble into days where you will hit a wall and go splat.  THIS IS NORMAL, YOU ARE NORMAL. This is common because that ego voice inside of your head is probably feeling stretched, fearful, incapable and unsure of yourself.  It’s common because when we are forging a new path, our ego is a skeptic when it comes to stepping out of our automatic ways, out of our comfort zone chasing our dreams while connecting to our purpose.

Consider that it is merely an opportunity when you recognize that you are feeling stuck because once you have the awareness, you can change your state of being.  Usually for most people, it is an indicator that some self care is a necessary anecdote.  If you’re working on a project for example, you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, you may consider putting it on pause and tapping into your self care practice.  For me personally, I will always go for an early morning hike with my dogs to get into inspired action.  Creating a list of self-care practices is a great start: when you come up against that deer in headlights, overwhelm mode, you can head straight for the list to see what you can do to get back into a state of being that is more inspired.

One other thing to consider is that feelings are just like passing clouds, this uninspired state you sometimes find yourself in is not going to last, it’s gonna pass.  Forge on.