“Jimmy showed his integrity by not looking at the answers to the test when every other cheating bastard in his class was passing them out.”

I swear when you have integrity everywhere, life just works.  If we look at your life and identify the areas that just aren’t working, I’d ask you to consider checking in with yourself.  When  we show up for our lives and do this deep soul diving work, we can move mountains by connecting to this one piece: integrity.

I’ve had multiple experiences where I’ve been “screwed over” in my life.  If I were to take full ownership of my life however, I could take full responsibility to see how I was actually accountable for the way it had gone in each situation.

I’ll use myself as the integrity example here: there was one situation time where I’d been sending business referrals to someone  (I’ll keep the details super vague to protect their privacy).  There was a breakdown in communication and I did not receive proper compensation (a lot of proper compensation).  I was beyond pissed, how unfair I thought, I complained and complained to my husband and friends.  They all sided with me at the time because it was blatant highway robbery.


When you really root down  in the self help world, you learn to take full ownership of your life, 100% of it  (and F,*  sometimes it can be exhausting and you feel like you want to stab your third eye out with a pencil).  BUT, it’s a powerful way to live.

So, in taking full responsibility for the way it had gone, I was completely out of integrity with my boundaries and my power.  I did not assert my boundaries in those business dealings and I gave my power away way too freely.   I’m guessing you can relate?  The only person who was responsible, was me.  Were there unethical practices in those business dealings: yes!   It’s not my job to be responsible for other peoples immorality by playing Karma police, karmic law handles it all: the good, the bad and the ugly.

So, the invitation is for you to take on the practice of taking inventory of your #integrityaccount

Check out your relationship to integrity everywhere: with your words, your actions, your well-being, your relationships, your money, your driving, your commitments.  See if you can be responsible for everything in your life when you look at it through the lens of integrity.  It may sound weird but something as simple as having a messy wallet or driving over the speed limit is a micro-example of how we may be acting out of integrity.