When I was a kid, there was a period of time our family went on welfare.  My mom was newly single and in the middle of going back to school to become a social worker.  I still remember the time I learned about welfare, my mom, two brothers, and I had just moved into a two bedroom mobile home.  We were heading out to grab groceries  in our Ford wagon.  I was really young at the time and found it entertaining when the topic came up and I was the center of the welfare conversation.  When my mom told us that she had applied for and received the approval of government assistance, the mix of laughter and embarrassment was really amusing to my six year old self.

I didn’t quite understand what was going on  except that I was getting a lot of attention and laughter as my brothers deemed me to be the one to hand the cashier the food stamps at check out .  We were living in a small town at the time and they were at an age where their reputation was important to them.  I don’t remember if I actually went ahead with their plan, but I do remember the feeling of being on welfare. I guess my filter was not yet jaded and I saw it as a really cool thing that we got stamps to buy food.  I remember when we would cut into the block of welfare cheese, it was like my family was eating the finest aged cheddar, welfare cheese was definitely a thing, at least for our family.

Do you remember when you were a kid, just how differently you saw the world?  I’d always had that  exciting view of the world, even when, in hindsight, we’d been in a pretty extreme situation.  I have so many stories from my childhood where I was mesmerized by the littlest things that brought me a ton of joy.  I would play dress up with my chickens, I could get lost for hours dressing them, putting them to bed, they were my everything.  My brother’s used to tease me that when I grew up, I’d inherit the “chicken”  wagon and they’d put a perch in the back, I remember even the magic of playing pretend with the powdered welfare milk and my chickens.   Once I was locked out out of our mobile home during a snowstorm while my family was not able to make it due to the poor conditions, a resourceful little kid, I grabbed my cats and got into a junky old cabinet for warmth, my cats and me had each other and it was comforting.

I didn’t ever see a deficit in my life because we didn’t have money, I experienced a lot of  joy as a child of a single mom who was doing everything to provide us with a good life.

I believe that being a child who lived in gratitude was the catalyst for me to tap into the infinite realm of possibility and connect with my gift of manifestation.  As an adult, I can look back and see that there has always been a seemingly simple formula that you and I can tap into at any time.  Gratitude is a powerful place to start.  The old quote says “what you focus on expands.”  When you can begin tapping into the source of something bigger than yourself at work, you’ll start to notice how powerful you are at creating.   Mindset is everything, getting your head straight is the foundation for creating lemonade out of lemons.

How was it when you were a kid?  Were you a bit less jaded, more tapped into the power of the  universe?  What would it take for you to tap into your inner magic?